Pixelmator Tutorial: Bling Text

Sun, Jan 12, 2014

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I recently had a client that wanted a Sex and the City-esque logo. I fired up Pixelmator and set out to make some swarovski goodness happen on screen!

Pixelmator Tutorial: Bling Text

I got a head start on this project by checking out this Japanese language tutorial on WP Extreme.



Select the Bottom Visible Layer: Glow
Select Visible Layer 2: Shadow

I put the shadow layer on top of the glow layer because the white over it tends to take away from the intensity of the shadow, even if you use blending options.  Anyways…


Select Visible Layer 3: Outline

Screen_Shot_2014-01-13_at_12.18.40_AM.png     Screen_Shot_2014-01-13_at_3.10.56_PM.png

Select Visible Layer 4: Bevel
Visible Layer 5: Diamond

This layer was primarily used as a clipping path for the actual “Diamond”/ texture layers.

Texture Layer(s):





Screen_Shot_2014-01-12_at_10.28.59_PM.png     Screen_Shot_2014-01-12_at_10.30.48_PM.png

Screen_Shot_2014-01-13_at_1.09.45_AM.png Screen_Shot_2014-01-13_at_1.09.22_AM.png  



Repeat the texture and cloud layers as needed to get your desired results and feel free to experiment with color, opacity and blending modes of those layers to achieve different looks.


Sparkle Layer(s):

I did two layers of sparkles.  One that is clipped and one that overflow the text.

To make the first layer of sparkles:

  1. Drag “Star Shine” from the effects browser onto your sparkle layer and play with the options to get a small to medium star.  

  2. Apply an Affline Tile to the layer. You’ll want to move things around to get a patter that fits your text.  

  3. Highlight your diamind layer.  Choose Edit >Load Selection.  Use the selection to add a mask to this layer.



Repeat Steps one and two for your second layer of sparkles.  Command click on your text layer.  Select Edit > Refine Selection and Adjust the size to about 40px and add a mask to the layer.