Shari Davis Consulting Launch

Thu, Sep 1, 2016

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Human Capital Management Consultant, Shari Davis, contacted me about updating the design on her website.

Shari Davis Consulting Launch

During our initial consultation, I noted that Shari’s original design did not encourage visitors to contact her, or schedule services on the homepage. In fact, visitors had to visit one of two lower level pages to schedule a consultation. The lack of a clear call to action on the homepage, as well as minimal leading textual content led me to suggest a re-design geared towards maximizing the initial contact potential on the homepage.

Shari inquired about moving the site to Wordpress from provider Squarespace. Based on her familiarity with the current platform, as well as her project requirements, I recommended that the she maintain her current site provider and that we use a new layout and updated services narrative to provide a better customer experience.

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